Thursday, 11 August 2011

Our Annual Summer Get-Together

On Wednesday, August 17 we will be holding our annual Summer Get-Together for our new, returning and former students.  We invite everyone to drop by between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Passing of the Torch ~ Words of Wisdom From Our Graduates

At our little yellow school, June is very much a time to pay tribute to our graduates and to enjoy our last weeks together.  (Note:  Our graduates are 5 1/2 and 6 year old children who have completed the three year Montessori casa program and are now entering grade one in the fall.)  This past June was no exception.  We have known some of our graduates ever since they were born and have had the pleasure of teaching their brothers and sisters.  It was a very emotional time for all of us here.

One afternoon in early June, our current graduates began asking who next year's graduates would be.  They asked me if they (all of this year's graduates) could have a meeting.  Of course they could.  I was very curious as to what they might want to discuss.

At the meeting, the children said they would like to write messages for next year's graduates and the other children in the class.  They wanted to tell them how they should be next year because they will be the oldest and new friends will be joining.  I thought this was a fantastic idea!  It is so wonderful to actually experience the peer relationships that exist in the Montessori classroom.

As they set about writing their messages, they spoke of former graduates who had helped them when they were younger.  Our former graduates become the stuff of legends.  In listening to them speak, I was particularly touched by A.'s recollection of one of last year's graduates.  A. joined our group with no English skills.  E. (beginning grade two in the fall) was always so nice to her.  She helped her with her work in the classroom and played with her outside.  Many people remembered E. fondly as she was truly a great friend and a wonderful role model. 

A. recalled former student S. who will be in grade three in the fall.  S. was always so nice to everyone and A. remembers this.  He was a tiny three year old who looked up to S.  He still does.  He is looking forward to seeing S. in September as they will both be at Windham Ridge French Immersion.

Here are this year's graduates reading their messages to their classmates.

These are some of their messages.  Please note that all of this came from the students.

I hope you be nice to your classmates.  ~ A. age 6

Work hard!  Be nice to other people!  Listen to the teachers! ~ A. age 6

Help the younger kids.  Try to work hard.  ~ A. age 6

Don't jump.  Don't run.  Listen to the teachers.  Don't say bad words.  ~ V. age 6

Be nice.  Be very good.  Do challenging work. ~ J. age 5 1/2

Be nice to the teachers.  Do not be bad to the teachers.  ~ D. age 6

Please listen to the teachers.  Have a good time at school.  ~ C. age 6

Be nice to the younger children and help them.  Listen to the teachers.  ~ D. age 6

This year's graduates will be attending local private schools, a Catholic School, as well as French Immersion programs at Windham Ridge Public School, Michaelle Jean Public School and Adrienne Clarkson Public School.