Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Visit From Reptilia

This week Reptilia visited our little yellow school.  N. from Reptilia introduced the children to a variety of reptiles and amphibians.  He even brought in a tarantula!  Here are the animals that N. brought to show us.

Biscuit The Box Turtle

Later in the presentation Biscuit busted out of her box much to everyone's delight!

Carnage The American Alligator


Pyro The Fire Salamander

We were not able to touch Pyro as his skin needed to remain moist.

Blueberry The Blue-Tongued Skink

Conan The Gopher Snake

Chile The Tarantula

We were not able to touch Chile.  We were quite happy just to look at him.

Uncle Buck The Boa Constrictor

The children enjoyed seeing the animals up close and were able to touch.  All in all we had a lovely morning with Reptilia!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Graphing Experience

In March, the children in our classrooms were introduced to graphing activities.

Graphing activities in the Montessori casa classroom provide children with the opportunity to collect data and organize it in many different ways.  These activities also introduce the children to statistics (data analysis) and probability.

We chose to do one of our graphs about the different types of weather that we experienced in March.

Our question was Which Do You Like Best?

Our choices were:





Each child wrote their name on a piece of paper and placed it underneath the type of weather that they liked best.

When everyone had placed their name on our graph, we all discussed the results.

Snowy weather was the type of weather that the children liked best, followed by sunny, with windy and rainy tied for last place.

Through our graph, the children were able to:

~  collect information
~  count and sort
~  read graphs
~  make observations from a graph
~  ask questions about graph results

Over the next few months the children will be creating and analyzing more graphs.  Our soon to be graduates are looking forward to creating a graph and collecting data from their fellow classmates.