Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

This week brought some spring-like weather to our little corner of the world.  Outside, the snow is melting, the birds are singing and we even saw a robin!

Inside, the children were very excited in anticipation for the upcoming Easter weekend.  Yesterday each child decorated an egg to take home.  This year marked a departure from our usual dip and dye egg decorating.   We found a kit that included a container resembling a salad spinner.  You place an egg in the bottom of the container, add drops of dye, close the container and push the button on the top.

The egg and dye spin around creating beautiful patterns.  Some children chose one colour while other children wanted a few colours.  This is what they looked like.

We hope everyone has a beautiful weekend filled with good things.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

When is the Real Spring Getting Here?

Today marked the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere.  Since coming back from our March Break, we have been discussing the characteristics of each season with the children during circle.  The children would look at the calendar and count the 'sleeps' until the arrival of the first day of Spring.  Today, the wait was finally over.  Unfortunately, the first day of Spring looked identical to the last day of Winter.

First Day of Spring 2013

This left the children quite puzzled.  Why is the grass still covered with snow?  Where are the flowers and the birds?  Why is it still so cold?  Why is it snowing?

We were all hoping against hope that the first day would look something like it did last year.

First Day of Spring 2012

One of our 4 1/2 year olds was so disappointed that she asked her mom "When is the real Spring getting here?"  It is a question we would all like to know the answer to.

For now, we will continue to make the best of what the weather has in store for us.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

'Critters' Comes to Visit

On Thursday, Marty Cummings from Critters came to visit our school.  He did two presentations and brought many interesting creatures for us to see, touch and hold.

Bandit - California King Snake

The first critter to be introduced to us was Bandit, a California King Snake.  Marty told us that Bandit likes to eat other snakes so he doesn't have many playdates.

K. with Bandit wrapped around him.

Next up was Custard, a Bearded Dragon.

Custard - Bearded Dragon

Custard - Bearded Dragon

Custard is not even a year old.  Her skin looks very sharp but it is actually very soft.  Bearded Dragons have the amazing ability of being able to close their ears!

C.  holding Custard.

Cocoa, a baby Guinea Pig, was the next critter we met.

Cocoa - Baby Guinea Pig

Cocoa is from the rainforest and loves to eat dandelions.  Guinea pigs squeak like pigs when they are happy.  This is how they got their name.  Cocoa was squeaking loudly and was very happy to be here with us.

Franklin, the Tortoise, was next.

Franklin - Tortoise

Franklin lives in the rainforest and loves to eat strawberries.  When he saw C.'s red shoes, he thought they were strawberries and started crawling very quickly towards her.

Franklin making his way to C.'s shoes.

Next we met a Red Strawberry Horned Frog.

Red Strawberry Horned Frog

Boris and Natasha were up next.  They are cockroaches.  They live in the rainforest and only like to eat salad.  They each have five eyes!

Boris and Natasha - Cockroaches

Then Pepper, the Rex Rabbit, came out of her cage.  She was scratching away during the presentation and couldn't wait to come out and see us.  Pepper loves to eat bananas and is extremely soft.

Pepper - Rex Rabbit

Next up was Chico, the tarantula.
Chico - A Tarantula
When Chico gets scared, he sheds his hair.  His hair makes his enemies very itchy.  Boy tarantulas can live to be about five years old while girl tarantulas can live to be about twenty.  In the tarantula world, girls rule.

The last critter to come out and see us was Stabler, a Ball Python.  When Ball Pythons are scared, they will make a ball and hide their heads.

Stabler - A Ball Python

Some of the children wanted to hold Stabler by themselves, while others preferred to be with a friend.

A. with Stabler.

E. and Y. with Stabler.

R. with Stabler

M. and I. with Stabler.

We were so glad that Marty brought his critters to our school.  We had a fun and fascinating morning together.