Saturday, 30 November 2013

Keeping a Straight Face ~ The Things The Children Say

Our days with the children at our little yellow school are far from dull.  No two days are alike.  Each day is filled with moments that range from funny to special moments that are simply unforgettable.  The following are some of the funny things the children have said that make it hard for us to keep a straight face.

Three year old M. is the brother of one of this year's graduates.  Older brother D. will be graduating from our school in June and entering grade one.  M. wants to be just like his brother.

One day I was in the half day class and M. comes close to me and starts tugging on my sweater.  He looks up at me and says "I''m a gladulate!"  (He means graduate.)  He was so proud.

A. celebrated her birthday in the Fall.  Weeks before her birthday, A. was explaining how old she was to me.

A.:             On my birthday I will turn five.  Right now I am
                  four and nine quarters.

Mrs. P.:     Are you really four and nine quarters?  Are you
                    sure you aren't four and three quarters?

A.:              I'm sure.  I'm four and nine quarters.

Three year old K. is new to our school.  English is her second language.  Her parents were asking her about school and this is what K. had to say.

K.'s Parents:    Do you understand the teachers at school?

K.:                      Yes.

K.'s Parents:     How do they speak to you?

K.:                      They speak to me in Chinese!

Needless to say, none of the teachers at school know how to speak Chinese beyond Happy New Year - Gung Hay Fat Choy.

In the full day class one of our oldest students, Z., has really been taking her role as an older student seriously.  She is like a mother hen to all of the young students who began with us in September.  She particularly likes M. and tries her best to keep him focused and working in the classroom.  This is what Z. had to say about three year old M.

Z.:             M. is so cute but sometimes he can be silly.

(Note:  Silly can cover a myriad of behaviours from running in the classroom to being funny.)

Mrs. P.:     M. is new here and one of the youngest children. 
                   He is doing very well at school.

Z.:              Yes, but it is so hard to concentrate him!

Three and a half year old M. went to visit her mother's school.  Her mother is a teacher who teaches upper elementary students.  The day after her visit I asked M. how it was.

M.:              You know, at my mom's school they think I am

Mrs. P.:      Yes, I can imagine that they do.  You know, when
                     I see you here at our school, I think you are so

M.:                I know!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Remembrance Day ~ Lest We Forget

Last week we made poppies to wear on Remembrance Day.  

The majority of us at our little yellow school have never experienced war.  We do have families whose grandparents or great grandparents served their countries in WWI and WWII.  Although it may be difficult for us here in Canada to believe, war and civil unrest are happening around the world right now.  Even when a war is officially over, its effects continue to be felt. WWII ended nearly 70 years ago, yet unearthed explosives continue to be a danger in many European countries including Germany, Italy and England.

Today, Remembrance Day, we take time to remember the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace.

Some of the Canadian graves at the Cassino War Cemetery in Cassino, Italy.

When talking about Remembrance Day with our preschoolers, it was important to be sensitive about the information imparted because they may not be emotionally or developmentally ready to grasp it. 

One thing our students are very familiar with is the concept of peace.  Peace is part of our daily lives in the classrooms. Montessori classrooms are peaceful places where children of different backgrounds and ages come together to work, learn and play. We are a community who care for one another and graciously help one another to be the best that we can be. Peace begins with each one of us.   


Poppy we are but children small.
We are too little to do it all.

Children you may do your part.
Love each other is how you start.

Play without fighting.

Share your work and toys.

Be kind and thoughtful,

To all girls and boys.