Monday, 22 December 2014

A Visit From Santa

Last Thursday we had our annual holiday party at our little yellow school.  Just as we were getting ready to sit down for our holiday feast, one of the teachers told us she heard something on the roof.  Could it be?  Yes, it was Santa!  SANTA!

Santa's here.  Can you feel the excitement?

The children were so happy to see Santa and had many questions for him.

We are so thankful that Santa visits us each year.  This is a very busy time for him.  The children came up with the idea of buying Santa a present.  He always brings presents for us, but who brings presents to him?  We got together to brainstorm.  What should we give Santa?  The children unanimously agreed Santa would really like cookies and milk.  After thinking about it, we thought it might be difficult to keep the milk cold once it was wrapped up.  We finally decided on cookies and hot chocolate.

All of the children signed their names on a card for Santa.

The present was wrapped.

A Present For Santa

Now we needed a volunteer to give Santa the present.  Four and a half year old M. volunteered.  I asked her "Are you sure you want to do it?  Are you afraid of Santa?"    M. replied "I'm not afraid of Santa.  I've met him three times already!" 
We had our volunteer.  Santa was so surprised and happy to receive a present!

M. With Santa

Unfortunately, it was time for Santa to go.  Thank you for visiting us Santa!  Now it was on to our feast!

Our Holiday Feast

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Wonder Of The Holidays

At our little yellow school, the holidays are always an exciting time.  Our holiday fun began with the decoration of the Christmas trees.

Checking Out Some of the Ornaments

Let the decorating begin!

The half days did a wonderful job decorating their tree.

To celebrate Hanukkah, E. brought in some delicious jelly donuts (sufganiyot).  They were absolutely heavenly!  She also brought in some Hanukkah treats for her classmates.

E. with the sufganiyot.

Hanukkah Treats

Mrs. M. told us a little about Hanukkah.  E. helped her.  E. and L. brought in their menorahs to show everyone.

E.. and Mrs. M. 
E.'s and L.'s Special Menorah

E.'s and L.'s Special Menorah

We also learned the reason why Christians around the world celebrate Christmas.  We read a very simple story and set out a nativity that L.'s family gave the school years ago.  It is beautiful.

L. with the nativity.

The Nativity

We made some lovely crafts.

Snowman Ornaments

Christmas Trees

We even made a special present for our parents.  It's a secret. We can't tell.

The half day children with presents for their parents.

Now the only thing left to do is party!