Saturday, 14 March 2015

Picture Day!

During the first week of March, we had Picture Day!  E. from Focus on Children Photography came to our school to take pictures of the children.  He has been taking our school photographs for over a decade.  E. is an absolute master at taking photographs of the children and our parents bring in siblings to have their pictures taken by him.  He is a legend among our students and his jokes are remembered long after the children have graduated from our little yellow school. While so many school photographers these days are using gimmicks such as dressing up in costumes, E. has the rare ability to capture the very essence of each child.  The results are amazing!

Here are some behind the scenes glimpses from Picture Day.

Here are pictures of the girls looking beautiful and the boys looking handsome.  We are waiting for E. to arrive.

Here are some pictures of E. taking photos of D. (one of last year's graduates) and M. (his little brother who is a current student).  
D. and M. Posing

The Master At Work

Here is one of the proof photographs.

D. and M. - So lovely!

Madame D. and E. are getting the full day children ready for their class photo.

The proofs were absolutely stunning.  Here are some of them. 


The whole Picture Day process is approximately two hours of high energy excitement.  We can't wait to hang this year's class photos on our 'wall of fame' at the entrance to our school.  Thank you E.!