Sunday, 19 February 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

This week, we celebrated Valentine's Day at our little yellow school.  Our school was awash in a sea of red, pink and white.  

The children began the morning by handing out Valentine treats to their classmates.  

Do you like it?

Handing Out Treats

Having Fun

One of our students handmade his Valentine cards.  They are so beautiful!

Beautiful Handmade Cards

The teachers also had some treats for the children.

Treats From The Teachers

All of our students got together for our annual Valentine's Day feast! 

Our Annual Valentine's Day Feast!

It is always lovely to see our students mixing and mingling with one another.  The children enjoyed eating all the delicious treats.

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day at our little yellow school!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Making Sense of our Five Senses With Mad Science!

This morning, Dr. Explorer from Mad Science came to visit the children at our little yellow school.  She came to present a workshop about our five senses.

Dr. Explorer From Mad Science

She brought lots of interesting things to share with us.

Dr. Explorer's Interesting Items

We began by identifying our five senses.  We have been studying the five senses at school and we knew them all!  Dr. Explorer brought out her Magic Bag.  She asked for volunteers.  Each volunteer placed their hand in the bag and described how the object they were touching felt.

R. felt something soft.

J. felt something soft too.

Before he placed his hand in the bag, this little boy asked if Dr. Explorer had a snake in there.  She assured him that she did not.

There was no snake in the bag.  C. felt something rough.

M. found a soft stuffed duck.

O. found a prickly plastic plant.

E. found a smooth magnifying glass.

After everyone had a chance to feel the objects, we talked about our sense of hearing. Dr. Explorer played us a cd of sounds.  Our job was to identify them.  

Dr. Explorer is playing a cd of sounds for us to identify.

We listened carefully to each sound.  Some of the sounds we heard were fireworks, a cow mooing, breaking glass and a rocket blasting off. Some were easy to identify, while others were a little harder.


A Loud Sound


We used our sense of smell to identify some scents.  We didn't always get these right, but we were close!

We talked about our sense of taste.  For our sense of sight, Dr. Explorer showed us two pictures.  On one side there was a fish. On the other side there was an empty fish bowl.  

A Fish

An Empty Fish Bowl

Dr. Explorer placed the straw between the palms of her hands and rubbed quickly.  The fish was now in the fish bowl!

Can you see the fish in the fish bowl?

Dr. Explorer tricked our eyes!  The fish wasn't really in the fish bowl.  This is called an optical illusion.  Dr. Explorer helped us make our own Thaumatrope to take home!

Three Year Old A.

Three Year Old A.

Dr. Explorer putting our Thaumatropes together.

Thank you for coming to visit us today Dr. Explorer!  We learned so much and had a great time!