Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Our Vegetable Harvest 2017

At the beginning of June, the children did some planting in our vegetable garden.  This year, we decided to plant our usual seed potatoes along with some carrot and pumpkin seeds.

Some children planted seed potatoes.

Some children planted carrot seeds.  The carrot seeds were very tiny!

The seed potatoes, carrots and pumpkins grew all summer.  Unfortunately, the squirrels and rabbits ran away with the pumpkins as soon as they began to grow.  The potatoes and carrot plants did very well.  When school began in September, the vegetables were ready to harvest.

The Potato Plants

The Carrot Plants

The children were eager to get back into the garden!

We are ready to harvest our crops!

Both potatoes and carrots are vegetables that grow underground.  The children were amazed when their digging and pulling revealed the vegetables!

We had a good crop this year!  Each child took some potatoes home to share with their families.  Well done, everyone!


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