Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Sun ~ Part of Our Study of the Universe

In May, the children embarked on a study of the Universe.  Our study touched on the dramatic beginnings of the Universe and encompassed the formation of our galaxy, our sun and the planets.  It culminated with the first signs of life on our own planet.

The following passage about the beginnings of our sun is from the book Earth Story by Eric Madden.

One yellow star was special.  At first it was just a bulge in the middle of a whirling saucer of dust.  But as dust and gas swirled inward the bulge got bigger and bigger.

It began to get tighter and tighter, and hotter and hotter and hotter, until at last it was so hot that it burst into flames, flashed on its starlight and became our Sun.

Although our study incorporated all subject areas.  One of our favourite activities was making a sun.

Step 1:

Each child receives a circle cut from bristol board.  Three globs of paint - red, yellow, orange - are placed in the middle of the circle.

A piece of plastic wrap is placed over the circle and paint.

Each child then squishes the paint.  

Squishing the paint was so much fun and very clean!

A teacher removes the plastic wrap.  The circle is then left to dry.

Step 2:

The sun is then glued onto a piece of black construction paper.  The children are given star glitter to glue in the black depths of the universe.

A completed craft.

Step 1 of this craft was found on the internet.  Step 2 was our idea.  We used finger paint instead of normal paint.  This gave the completed suns a shiny and glowing appearance.  It was such a beautiful craft and one that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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