Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time for the Harvest ~ Working in Our Garden

Here at our little yellow school, the new school year began just after Labour Day.  One of our traditions is to bring all of our students together to harvest the potato crop.  Depending on the summer weather, this event usually occurs during the first few weeks of September. 

In May, our students planted seed potatoes.  As we are closed for the summer, the plants were lovingly watered and cared for.  When school began, there were signs that it was time for us to harvest.

Our students planting seed potatoes in the Spring.

Mr. V. came to help with the harvesting.  He demonstrated where and how to dig for the potatoes.

Mr. V. starting the digging.  That is our little yellow school way back in the distance.

The new potatoes cling to the roots of the plant.

The children took turns digging in the garden and harvesting the potatoes.

Can you see a red potato peeking out of the soil?

Digging is hard work!
A. holding a potato plant.

Look at what I found!

The children were delighted by the crawling and flying critters that call our garden home.

A ladybug is sitting on R.'s finger.

Here are some of the potatoes that were harvested.  Each of our students took some potatoes home.

This year we tried a little experiment in our garden.  The half day children planted kernels of ornamental corn that we saved from last year's fall decorations.  Guess what?  They grew!

Stalks of ornamental corn growing in our garden.

We hope to harvest some cobs in a few weeks.  We all had a lovely time in our garden.  What a great way to begin our year together!