Friday, 23 December 2016

Jingle Bells ~ A Visit From Santa!

During our last week of school before the holidays, the children were all enjoying Music class. Mrs. L. had brought some drums and we were having fun singing some of our favourite holiday songs.

M. playing the drums.

Suddenly, we all stopped.  We heard some bells. That's funny, we weren't using any bells.  Who could be ringing those bells?

It was SANTA!  He had come for a short visit! We were all so surprised and excited to see him!

We all gathered around Santa.  We had so much to say to him!

After our lovely talk, Santa wanted to sing some songs with us. He is such a good singer!


Unfortunately, Santa had to leave.  With just a few days before Christmas, there was so much to do.  We took a lovely group picture with Santa and then it was time to say our goodbyes.


Santa had one more surprise for us.  That morning, Mrs. P. and five year old J. had found a beautiful basket waiting at the entrance to our little yellow school.  We were not to look inside until all the children were together at school.

The Beautiful Basket

A Mysterious Note

When we were all together, we read the note.  It was from Mrs. Claus!

Here is what Mrs. Claus had to say.  (You can click on the image to make it larger.

The basket was filled with cookies!

Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus for thinking of us and for recognizing that our little yellow school is a very special place.  We hope you both have a wonderful holiday!

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