Wednesday, 31 January 2018

If I were trapped in a snow globe... ~ Stories by the Children

Earlier this month, the children at our little yellow school made snow globes for craft.

Our Snow Globes

While the children were making their snow globes, there was much discussion about what it would be like to be inside a snow globe. 

We invited the children who are using the Printed (Story) Alphabet to write an ending to a story starter about being trapped in a snow globe.  They were very excited to get started on their stories!

The Printed (Story) Alphabet

Story Starter - If I were trapped in a snow globe.....

Once a child had settled on an idea, they worked with the Printed (Story) Alphabet to bring it to life.  Here are some story endings in progress.

I would put snow everywhere.  Then I would break free.

I would use my super powers to break free.

They then wrote their ending on story starter paper.  Here are some of their stories.

If I were trapped in a snow globe.....

I would make a snowman in my backyard with my sister and my daddy.  We would go snowboarding.

I would make a snow angel with my brother.  We would make an igloo to keep warm.

I will make a nine centimetre long house.  I will go to the store because I need to buy some food.

I would dance and also I love snow!

I would find Frosty and have a big snowball fight.  After we would make sparkly rainbows!

I will make hot chocolate and play with a snowman.

I would have hot chocolate.  I would go sledding with a snowman.

I would have a snowball fight and I would have a Christmas tree.

I would crack the glass and escape! It is cold in there!

The children shared their stories with their classmates.  Whether they were embracing life within a snow globe or trying to break free, we had a great time listening to the stories.

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