Thursday, 31 May 2018

Hold Your Horses ~ Our Spring Field Trip

At the end of May, the children at our little yellow school went on a field trip to a local pony farm.  It was our first visit to this farm and we were excited!  We boarded the bus and away we went!

Boarding the Bus

When we arrived at the farm, we spent some time visiting with the animals.  They were very friendly and so happy to see us.

Hello!  It's great to see you!

M. and his family prepared little bags of food for the children to feed to the animals.  The bags consisted of baby carrots, bread and iceberg lettuce.   Thank you, M.!

M. With Bags of Food For the Animals

The animals thought the food was yummy!

We went on a wagon ride to see more of the farm.

This happy farm dog ran alongside the wagon.

Now for the best part of our trip, the pony rides!

The morning went so quickly!  Thank you to the parents, grandparents and family members who joined us on this trip.  It is the time spent together as a community that make our trips so special.  As many of the children said when we got back to the school, "It was our best trip ever!"

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