Friday, 14 September 2012

It's Potato Harvesting Time!

This week, all of the students at our little yellow school gathered together for our annual potato harvest.  (In May, our students planted seed potatoes in our back garden.  See blog post in May 2012 for more details.)  Although we could not see the potatoes growing under the ground, we knew they were ready for harvest as the once robust and green plants above the ground began to wither and turn brown.

We dug into the ground of our garden.

This revealed some potatoes!  We were all so amazed by the sight of them!

The children came into the garden to dig out more potatoes and collect some to take home.

The children were able to see a potato plant with the potatoes attached to it.  This is the way potatoes grow in the ground. 

The children enjoyed participating in the harvest.  The children and their families enjoyed eating the potatoes.  They were so tender and delicious!

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