Saturday, 29 December 2012

What's In the Bag? ~ The Making of A Present for Our Families

At this time of the year, the children at our little yellow school make a holiday present for their parents.  This year we decided to try something a little different that also incorporated some learning.  The parents at our school were all wondering about the contents of the bag with many waiting until Christmas morning to open it.  I promised I would write about the making of the present after Christmas so as not to spoil the surprise.  So, what's in the bag?

We started with a few basic ingredients ~  flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and a trusty recipe.  Measuring spoons and cups were set out for the children.

Each child measured their own ingredients and placed them in a bowl.

They then mixed all of their ingredients together.

The teachers placed the mixture into individual bags along with a copy of the recipe.

Can you guess what we made?

It is a pancake mix!  At home, the children can help add the wet ingredients.  The children had so much fun making this mix.  We hope that our students and their families enjoy this very tasty treat! 

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