Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy Days at Our Little Yellow School ~ Our First Week Back

This is a picture of our little yellow school and some of the teachers and children.  It was drawn by E. who was four at the time.

This was our first week back at school after our two week holiday break.  The children were so happy to be back at school.  It was lovely to see their bright, smiling faces again and to be surrounded by their positive energy and their excitement for learning. 

This is a picture of M.'s friends here at school.  She was five when she drew the picture.

I asked many of the children why they were so eager to come back to school.  The most common answer was that they missed their friends and their teachers.  One little four year old girl told me that she couldn't wait to come back because she wanted to hug me.  That was so sweet, and yes, the teachers got lots of hugs this week.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many mentioned that they wanted to come back to finish their printing book or math book or to take their reading book bag home again.   The children have been working very productively this week. 

The answer given by one five year old, A., summed it up best.  A. is the one in the pink sweater in the picture below.

"I like coming to school because we're attached."

Yes, we definitely are.  All of us at our little yellow school are looking forward to many more happy days together in 2013.

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