Sunday, 21 April 2013

Project Work in Our Casa Classrooms

Since our return from the March Break, our oldest students have been enthusiastically engaged in project work.  (Our oldest students are those who will be turning six this year and attending grade one in September.)  Their time in the Montessori Casa (preschool) program has been rich in formal and informal Language experiences.  Through their work with the Montessori materials, they are able to write, read and interpret what they read.  They are now using these skills to expand their horizons and to investigate, to explore and to discover the world around them.

Our first projects were about animals.  Beautiful research texts were set out in the classroom.  Each child chose a book and read it on their own.  Next, each child answered some questions about the animal that they chose. The answers to the questions were written in sentence form using correct capitalizaiton and punctuation.  A drawing of the animal completed the project.

A Polar Bear Project

A Bat Project

The children were eager to share the information they had learned with their classmates.  One of the wonderful things about a Montessori classroom is that it is filled with children of varying abilities.  Together, we form a community in which everyone learns from one another and everyone contributes.  During circle time, the children read their projects to their classmates.

This project work provided the children with an opportunity to practice their Language skills and to gain knowledge.  This has led to other child-driven projects in our classroom.  The oldest children in our full day classroom are currently in the midst of an intriguing project that they initiated.  It will be shared in a future blog.

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