Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fun on The Farm ~ Our Spring Field Trip

 At the end of April, we went on a field trip to a local outdoor education centre and working farm.  This was our third trip to this centre.  Each time we visit, we try a different program.

The day of our field trip was crisp and sunny.  The perfect day for an adventure at the farm! During our time at the farm, we experienced so many wonderful things.

We went on a wagon ride through the forest and past the apple orchard.

We visited the animals in the Animal Barn.

The Baby Lambs

A Friendly Goat

Up Close and Personal With the Goats

The Roosters

One of the Piglets

We tried milking a cow.

We spent some time playing in the hayloft.

Our most favourite part was watching Farmer Blair sheer a sheep!

This is Jack with Farmer Blair's helper.  Jack needs a spring haircut.
It took a lot of work to get Jack to sit for his haircut.
Farmer Blair shearing Jack's tummy.

We were a very captive audience.

Almost done now.

Jack's toenails are getting clipped too.

Look at the pile of Jack's wool!

All done.  Doesn't Jack look wonderful!

We were given some of Jack's wool to take back to school with us.  If you ask the children what they liked best about the farm, they will tell you they liked the sheep shearing.  So did the adults.  Our trip to the farm was a lovely way to spend a beautiful spring day.