Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Dinosaur Workshop

Today Mad Science came to visit our school to present a Dinosaur Workshop.  Dr. Shrink was our Mad Scientist.  She told us a very funny joke. 

What is the name of a dinosaur that sleeps all the time?

A dinosnore!

Dr. Shrink is explaining the importance of raising your hand when you want to speak.

Dr. Shrink talked about dinosaurs and fossils.  She explained how fossils were formed and passed around some fossils for us to examine.

Looking at a Fossil

An Ammonite Fossil - A Marine Mollusk

She showed us some pictures of dinosaurs and shared some information about them.  Did you know that a triceratops was 9 metres long?  This is how long 9 metres is.

S. holding the tape measure at one end of the classroom.

Dr. Shrink holding the tape measure at the other end of the classroom.

The Xixianykus dinosaur was one of the smallest at just 50 cm.

This piece of rope is 50 cm long.

Seven children can fit inside the footprint of an apatosaurus!

Some dinosaurs were meat eaters called carnivores, and other dinosaurs were plant eaters called herbivores. Carnivores and herbivores had different looking teeth.  Dr. Shrink brought along boxes with dinosaur jaws and teeth so that we could see the difference.  Carnivores had sharp, pointy teeth, while herbivores had small, flat teeth. 

Dr. Shrink is holding up the jaw of a herbivore, the stegosaurus.

Dr. Shrink is holding up the sharp tooth of a carnivore, the allosaurus.

Dr. Shrink gave us some mirrors so that we could check our own teeth. 

Checking our Teeth

We discovered that we have small, flat teeth and sharp, pointy teeth because we eat both meat and plants.  We are omnivores.

Dr. Shrink helped us make a replica of an allosaurus tooth by pushing the tooth into a cup of sand and pouring in some plaster.

Pushing the Tooth Into the Sand

Ready for the Plaster

Paleontologists can't always take the fossils they find out of the ground.  In those cases, they will make a rubbing of the fossils. We also made some rubbings.

We learned so much about dinosaurs with Dr. Shrink today and we also shared some of our information with her.  Thank you to Mad Science for coming to visit.  We had a fantastic morning!

Roaring Like Dinosaurs