Monday, 1 June 2015

A Splish Splashing Good Time ~ Our Class Trip

At the end of May all of our students visited a local outdoor education centre to participate in a field and stream study. 

Our trip began with a much anticipated bus ride!

Boarding the Bus

When we arrived at the outdoor education centre, we went to meet our guides.  We were divided into two groups and started off on our adventure.

Ready to Explore

Through The Woods
Over The Bridge

One of our stops was the learning hut near the meadow.  Our guides told us a little about the characteristics of insects, what they eat, how they move and the things they do to survive.  The children also shared some information such as the fact that insects are vertebrates. 

Hopping Like a Grasshopper
Talking About Camouflage

We pretended that we were birds looking for insects to eat in the meadow.  We were searching for bits of wool hidden in the grass.

In The Meadow

In The Meadow

A Great Find
We brought our 'insects' back to the education hut and sorted them by colour.  
The Sorted Piles
Once the wool was sorted, we discovered it was much easier to find the bright pieces of wool.  Birds also find it easier to see the bright insects.
The highlight of our morning was the time we spent in the stream.  The children were each given a container and let loose to explore in the stream.



We did find some water insects.

K. and Her Mom

K.'s Find
A Water Insect (At the Bottom of the Photograph)
The morning went so quickly!  Thank you to all the moms, dads and grandparents who joined us for this trip.  We had a fantastic morning!

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