Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Taste of Summer ~ Making Strawberry Tarts

The children absolutely love cooking and baking.  This week, each child made their own scrumptious strawberry tart.  While this may sound ambitious, it was actually relatively simple.

Each child was given a frozen prepared tart shell.  We began by cutting our strawberries into tiny pieces.

The strawberry pieces were placed in small bowls.  The children sprinkled some sugar on the berries and stirred to coat them.

The berries were spooned into tart shells.

An oatmeal crumb topping was sprinkled on the unbaked tarts.

The tarts were placed in the oven to bake.

Twenty minutes later they were done!

The children thoroughly enjoyed making the tarts and licking up the excess sugar and strawberry juice left in the bowls.  Our classrooms were so quiet during the baking activity as all the children were so focussed on the preparation of the tarts.  The children took the tarts home to share with their families.  All agreed the tarts were scrumptious!

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