Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Dazzling Night ~ Our 2015 Concert and Graduation

In June, we held our annual end of year concert and graduation.  The children helped choose the songs they wanted to sing and added actions and movements to some of those songs.  We practiced for weeks before the concert to make sure everything was just so.  Parents also told us that the children would go home and practice 'the concert' for hours on end.

On the evening of our concert, the air was electric with anticipation and excitement.  Our hostesses greeted guests and handed out programmes.  In the gymnasium, parents and family members mixed and mingled as they awaited the performance.

Our Hostesses - A. (left) is the sister of one of the night's graduates.
M. (right) is a former graduate and sister of one of the night's graduates.

In the foyer, the children couldn't wait to get the show started!

As we entered the gymnasium, a hush fell upon the crowd.  After a few adjustments, we were ready for our audience.
Backstage Before the Concert
Lead by our French teacher Madame D., the children began with a selection of their favourite French songs. 


We were happy to have Mrs. L., our Kindermusik teacher, join us on this evening.  She led the children in a medley of songs they had been singing with her all year.  There was some action involved in these songs and our adoring audience loved it!

Once we had sang our songs, it was time to celebrate our graduates.  The non-graduates joined their parents in the audience while our graduates remained on the stage behind closed curtains.  They needed time to prepare for their close-ups.
Backstage Preparations

Waiting For the Curtain

We can't wait!
 The curtain slowly opened to reveal our 2015 graduates! Congratulations!   


 For almost two decades, I have stood on the sidelines introducing the current year's graduates.  Words cannot describe the flood of emotion that washes over me as I see these beautiful, confident, intelligent children standing proudly on the stage.  Our time together seems to move so quickly and you find yourself wishing that you could hold on to them for just a little while longer.  Yet in my heart I know that they have never been more ready for what the next chapter holds in their lives.  The future belongs to them. 
 Now it was time to celebrate!  Here are some pictures of the graduates with their graduation cake.


Thank you to everyone who attended our concert.  It was a dazzler!

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