Friday, 10 July 2015

Magical Moments ~ Our Last Day of School

Our school year has truly been filled with many magical moments we will treasure for years to come.  What better way to celebrate our last day than with a magic show!  In June, we invited Roger the Juggler to visit our school and celebrate our last day with us.

Here is Roger doing some tricks in a puffed up suit.  He also brought some cool music along that we loved moving to.

He mesmerized us with his juggling skills!

He was also very good at spinning balls.

Roger gave many of the children a chance to try spinning balls.  They were great!
One Ball

Two Balls

Three Balls!
He pulled a ribbon out of D.'s ear!

How did that get in there?
Roger did many tricks for us and even showed us how to perform a few easy tricks.  At the end of the show, Roger gave each child a chance to spin a ball.  It was amazing how calm and patient the children were as they waited for their turn.

At the very end of the show, he brought out his pet rabbit to meet all of us.
Thank you Roger for filling our last day with magic!


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