Friday, 6 November 2015

A Visit From A Dairy Farmer

This week, a dairy farmer came to visit us at school.   Farmer S. was familiar to some of our students as she was one of our leaders on our recent field trip.  Farmer S. came to our school to tell us a little bit about how milk gets from the cow to our tables.  She knows a lot about this as she has 60 dairy cows on her farm.  

Farmer S. brought many interesting things to show us.

Farmer S.'s Display

A Blow Up Cow and Milking Equipment

Real Photos of a Dairy Farm

Different Breeds of Cattle

Milk Products

Farmer S. had lots of things to share with us about cows and dairy farming.  We learned when a cow begins producing milk, what cows eat, how many times they are milked each day and the products that are made from milk.  We even learned a new song.

Farmer S. and The Children

Our favourite part was pretending to milk a cow. 

Farmer S. and the Cow

M. and E. Holding The Cow

A. and D. Holding The Cow

First you must clean the cow's udder.

L. is holding the cleaning tool.

P. is cleaning the cow's udder.

Then the udder is wiped dry.

K. is wiping the cow's udder dry.

Lastly, a milking machine is attached to the cow's udder.

Farmer S. With A Modern Milking Machine

The Milking Machine

The children are using the milking machine.

We were very happy to see Farmer S. again and we are so glad she came to visit our school.  We had a great time learning about cows, dairy farming and milk.  Thank you Farmer S.!

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