Friday, 8 July 2016

More Sharing Time Delights

In April, I wrote a blog post about our Sharing Time (Sharing Time ~ A Yoga Presentation).  The post touched on how the Montessori Method helps children develop self-confidence and respect for one another.  The Montessori casa (preschool) classroom is also unique in that the teacher is not the centre of the classroom universe.  S/he does not hold the key to all knowledge.  The children and teachers in a Montessori classroom are working and learning together. Everyone is a teacher.

Here are here are more of our last school year's delightful Sharing Time presentations.

Making Butterflies

L., who recently turned five, brought in a lovely butterfly book and showed her classmates how to make clothes peg butterflies.

Learning Cantonese

Six year old K. and her little sister K. taught their classmates how to count to ten in Cantonese.


Contemporary Dance

Six year old P. performed a contemporary dance routine. Following the routine, he taught his fellow classmates some dance steps.

A Gymnastics Class

Five and a half year old E. put on a gymnastics class for her fellow classmates.  She also taught us some Hindi.


A Hockey Skills Demonstration

Five and a half year old M. is a great hockey player.  He taught us some hockey skills.

An Arts and Crafts Demonstration

Five year old I. showed us how to make creatures, real and imaginary, using a few simple craft items.

We look forward to the delights that our next school year will bring.

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