Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Abracadabra ~ Our Last Day

On our last day of school, we invited magician Scott Dietrich to come to our school.  This was Scott's second visit to our school and he was so happy to be visiting with us again!  We were happy to see him too.

Scott with his magic wand.

Scott with his magic hat.

We thought Scott was very funny!

Scott needed some children to help him with his card trick. There were many volunteers.

P. and M. helping Scott with a card trick.

The card is split in two.

Magically, the other half is found and the card is put back together.

K. helps Scott turn a regular sponge into Sponge Bob but the magic bag has a hole in it!

J. and E. help Scott change a white scarf into a black scarf.

M. and Scott both place a tissue in their mouths.

M. and Scott eating a tissue.

Look what happens to Scott's tissue!

M. helps Scott with a card shark.

Next, something comes out of Scott's hat.  It is Sir Walken, Scott's bunny!

Who wants to pet Sir Walken?  We do!


Here we are with Sir Walken.

Mac and Cheese made friends with Sir Walken.

Sir Walken with Mac and Cheese

Thank you for coming Scott!  We had a magical time!


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