Friday, 21 July 2017

Conversations With Former Graduates

During the winter term, we held Parent-Teacher interview evenings at our little yellow school.  These evenings are always highly enjoyable.  Sometimes, the children also come along. While their parents are meeting with the teachers, I am fortunate to be able to spend some uninterrupted one-on-one time with our current students and their siblings. Often, these siblings are our former graduates.

Earlier this year, I spent time with former graduate Big K. and her younger sister Little K. who is currently attending our school.

Little K. (left) and Big K. (right)

Big K. was with us for three years and graduated in June 2016. She is currently in grade one at a local French Immersion school.

Big K. in Fall 2013

Big K.'s Fourth Birthday

Big K. as a Graduate - June 2016

While we see Big K. from time to time, we don't always have the time for long conversations.  She enjoys writing little notes to her former teachers and it is always such a lovely surprise to receive one.  During our conversation on Parent-Teacher interview night, I heard all about her new school, her friends and her favourite subjects.  When she first started grade one, she had told me that Montessori should be grade one and that grade one should be Montessori.  She felt that grade one was so easy.  When I spoke to her (six months into grade one) Big K. told me that Montessori was still harder than grade one.  She is doing so well in French Immersion and we are all very proud of her.  Big K. had three years of daily French lessons at our school, so we are not surprised that she is excelling.

As mentioned, Big K. enjoys writing notes to her former teachers. Whenever she writes to Madame D., the notes are now in French. Here is the note she brought for Madame D. on Parent-Teacher interview night.

On the same evening, I spent time with former graduate Big M. and her sister Little M. who is currently attending our school.

Little M. (left) and Big M. (right)

Big M. was with us for three years and graduated in June 2016. She recently completed grade one and will be entering grade two in September.

Big M. in Fall 2013 working with the Sound Cylinders.

Just turned four year old Big M. giving a yoga presentation ~ Spring 2014

Big M. (standing far right) during her yoga presentation.

Big M. as a Graduate ~ June 2016

Big M. also told me that grade one was way easier than Montessori.  She is also excelling at her new school.  A teacher at Big M.'s school attended one of our Open Houses this year.  Although she does not teach Big M., she had noticed her at school. She described Big M. as a very confident, intelligent and friendly student.  It was so heart-warming to hear this.  Our students often get noticed by teachers at their elementary schools.  Many teachers have been so impressed with our graduates, often resulting in their own children attending our little yellow school.

After our time together, Big M. went home and told her parents that when she grows up, she is going to be a teacher at Mrs. P.'s school.  That is so sweet!  Of course, I would love to have her!  If I have met anyone who is destined to be a teacher, it is Big M.   She was the graduate that everyone respected and aspired to be like.  Even as a newly turned four year old, she was able to capture and hold the attention of her classmates during her beautifully presented yoga demonstration. Unfortunately, by the time Big M. completes elementary school, high school and university, Mrs. P. will most likely be retired.  Her mom didn't have the heart to tell her.

It is always a pleasure to touch base with former students and their families, and to hear of their personal and academic successes.  Their smiling faces shine down on us in our entrance way and are always with us.  

Our Class Pictures

Our Class Pictures

I will carry a piece of you, a memory in my heart.

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