Saturday, 31 March 2018

We're So Eggcited! ~ It's Easter

The days leading up to Easter are very egg-citing ones at our little yellow school!

The festivities began with the decorating of some hard boiled eggs.  We placed an egg and some tempura paint inside a plastic sandwich bag. 

A Hard Boiled Egg and Tempura Paint

We sealed the bag and moved the egg around.

Smooshing the Egg and Paint

When we were done, we removed the egg from the bag and allowed it to dry.  Beautiful and mess-free eggs!  

Our Eggs

They are so beautiful!

We placed our eggs in Easter baskets.

Easter Baskets

For snack the children made their own bunny bagels.  

Making a Bunny Bagel

They were so much fun and very tasty!

This cute little bagel is from the 'Picasso' school of bunny bagel making.

Look what we found outside!

What could it be?

It was a basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny!  Thank you Easter Bunny!

Goodies from the Easter Bunny

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter weekend!

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