Sunday, 19 January 2014

Off To A Great Start

The new year has begun with a great start at our little yellow school.  The children were so excited to be back at school and not even temperatures of -41C with the windchill could keep them away.  Many parents told us that as soon as Christmas was over, their child would wake up each day asking if they would be going to school today.   They love coming to school. 

Over the past two weeks our classrooms have been buzzing with happy children engaged in meaningful work.  Here are some pictures of the children at work.

Four year old N. is spelling words with the Pink Object Box and Moveable Alphabet.

Five year old R. is working towards the memorization of her addition facts with the Addition Board.

The children are working with an extension of the Red Rods.

Five year old Z. is working with the clock.

Five year old E. and almost six year old A. are working with the Golden Beads, a decimal system arithmetic material.

Four year old E. and five year old K. are solving addition sums with the bead box.

Four year old L. and N. are ordering the tiles of the Hundred Board.

In November and December 2011 I wrote a series of blogs called Catching Up With Our Five Year Olds, Four Year Olds and Three Year Olds.  These blogs spoke about what our children were working with at the beginning of a school year.  (They can be accessed by clicking on 2011 in the Blog Archive.)  Over the next few weeks I will be doing a similar series of blogs about what the children are working with in the classrooms right now.  Stay tuned.