Thursday, 26 June 2014

Our Amazing Last Day

Our school year came to an end last Friday.  We had an amazing last day full of magic, friendship and fun.  Here are some pictures from our last day together.

The morning began with a magic show!

The children were mesmerized.

Mrs. V.'s grandson M. helped to magically create a pirate flag.

When Christopher Starr popped the balloon.....

there was a dove inside!

These two children helped Christopher 'cook up' .....

another dove!

Somehow, the two doves became a bunny.

After the magic show, we went outside for a snack and some fun in the sun.

Snack Time

Looking For Snails

Some of the snails the girls found.

More snails found by the girls.

We also had a get together for parents to say goodbye to Miss N. who is moving overseas.

Miss N. With The Children

Here are some presents that the parents made for her.  They are beautiful!

Thank you, children, parents and teachers for a wonderful school year.  Have a fantastic summer.  We look forward to seeing you in September!