Sunday, 22 June 2014

Our Annual Concert and Graduation Part 2 ~ Our Graduates

The second part  of the evening was a time to celebrate our graduates who will be beginning grade one in September.

The Graduation Caps

Our Graduates

While our graduates have learned many things in their years with us, they have also taught us many things.


Sofia ~ Thank you for your compassion.  Sofia came to our school three years ago with very little English.  She experienced many sad moments when she could not understand all that was going on around her.  Over the years, we have watched Sofia translate for her sister and fellow classmates who also did not understand English so that they would feel included.


Ria ~ Thank you for your friendliness and for always showing us the bright side of life.  As soon as Ria walked through the door three years ago, she was 'home'.  Ria has been a friendly presence in the classroom, cheering up her classmates and welcoming visitors into our school.  She is the best Welcome Committee we could have hoped for.  Even when she experienced difficult moments, Ria always picked herself up and was able to see the bright side of life.


Andrew ~ Thank you for your passion.  Andrew has such a passion for arithmetic and is happiest when solving difficult sums.  He has a very close relationship with his siblings and shares his passion for his family with all those around him.


Zoe ~ Thank you for your helpfulness.  Friendly and helpful Zoe was the 'Mother Hen' in our classroom.  In keeping an eye on her younger brother S., who joined us this year, Zoe made it a point to look after all of our youngest students. She made sure they were happy in the classroom and following the rules and was always there to help them or teach them a new lesson.  Our youngest students were drawn to Zoe and looked up to her. 


Evangeline ~ Thank you for your tenacity.  Evangeline is a girl with a big personality.  She loves learning and was our busy bee in the classroom, always pushing herself to do more. She did everything in a big way, including printing letters. We watched as she worked and worked at keeping her letters within the lines through many, many printing books.  She is now on the narrower blue lined paper and her printing is so beautiful that we often mistake it for a teacher's printing.


Dante ~ Thank you for sharing your hunger for knowledge. Dante was continually busy in the classroom and over the years has amazed us with his wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects.  He is a voracious reader and story writer. His classmates were in awe of the stories Dante wrote and the information he shared with them.  They enjoyed observing the work he did and looked to him for help with their own work if they needed it. 

Alyssa ~ Thank you for your integrity.  Alyssa is a very friendly, kind and honest girl.  She possesses a strong sense of self and was a calming influence in the classroom.  She rarely had conflicts with her classmates and was a genuine friend to all.   She always inspired us to be the best people we could be.