Sunday, 27 March 2016

It's Egg-cellent!

The Easter holidays came early this year.  The day before the holidays brought freezing rain to our little corner of the world, encasing the outdoors in ice.  Although very beautiful to look at, the weather put a damper on our Easter celebrations as many of our students were unable to make it in to school.

This year, we decided to try a new technique to decorate our eggs.

Step 1:  Each child choose two paint colours.  The paint was placed in a zippered plastic bag.

The Paint

Step 2:  Place a hard-boiled egg in the bag and seal it.

Our eggs are in our bags.

Step 3:  Carefully move the egg around in the bag.  The children thought this was very fun!

Squishing our eggs around in our bags.

An egg in a bag.

Step 4:  Open the bags and slide the eggs out.  Let the eggs dry.

Our Eggs

Our eggs are beautiful!

Step 4:  Place the dried eggs in baskets.

Ready To Take Home

As we like to say at our little yellow school, this craft was easy, peasy lemon squeezy and the eggs looked beautiful! Wishing everyone a very happy Easter weekend.

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