Sunday, 19 June 2016

An Enchanted Evening ~ Our 2016 Concert and Graduation ~ Part One

In June, we celebrated the end of the year with our annual concert and graduation.  This year's students absolutely love to sing!  The children helped choose the songs that they wanted to perform and we had trouble narrowing down the selection. After trying out different songs at our rehearsals, we came up with our final selection.  On with the show!

Welcome!  Former grads S. (left) and M. (right) handed out the programs.

While our family members and friends settled themselves in the gym, the children gathered for a warm up session with our music teacher, Mrs. L.

Warming Up

Warming Up

We were now ready to sing!  Off to the stage! Backstage there is always so much anticipation and a few cases of the jitters. 



Our concert began with some French songs led by Madame D.

The children sang a few of the songs they sing with Mrs. L. during our weekly music classes.

We ended with a few songs that we sing during our circle time each day.

The singing portion of the evening was now over and it was time for the graduation.  As the younger children took their seats with their families, the graduates remained on stage.

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