Tuesday, 21 June 2016

An Enchanted Evening ~ Our 2016 Concert and Graduation ~ Part Two

Our Graduation Caps

Our 2016 graduates!

We had such a spectacular group of graduates this year.  They set an exemplary example for their classmates.  They are wonderful children who have so many great things ahead of them. We have known some since they were babies or toddlers and it is hard to believe that our time together has come to an end.  During concert rehearsals, I could not bring myself to look at these little graduates as I would tear up. The graduates were also feeling something as in the last few weeks, the teachers could not move without bumping into one of them.  We all wanted to stay close to one another. As much as we would like to hold on to this group for a little while longer, they are ready to spread their wings and fly!  

Our evening was that much more special as we had one of our graduates from June 2004 in attendance.  Z. spent three years with us before attending PACE, The School For Gifted Children.  He went on to the University of Toronto schools, a private preparatory school affiliated with U of T.  In the fall, Z. will join the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  Through the years, Z. has visited us, as have many of our former students. He and his father came to the graduation to thank our little school for giving Z. such a strong start on his academic journey.  It was Z.'s grandmother's wish that he come back to our little yellow school upon his entrance to university and do something for the children.  Z. and his dad bought the graduation cake for the children to say thank you.

Z. with a duckling.

Z. with the children in 2013.  Sebastian, Michaela, Michael and Esha are in the front row.

From left to right - Z.'s dad, Mrs. P. and Z.

The parents of this year's graduates joined us on stage for a presentation.   

Michaela's dad saying a few words on behalf of the parents of the graduates.
The graduates with their teachers and parents.

The graduates gave the school a table/bench to place in our soccer field.  It was such an unexpected surprise and so very touching. (These photos were taken the morning after the graduation.)

The 2016 graduates with the bench.

The 2016 Graduate Boys

The 2016 Graduate Girls

The Inscription on the Bench

Now it was on to the cake!

The Cake

Congratulations to our graduates!  Thank you to everyone for making this a very enchanted evening!

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