Saturday, 11 June 2016

A Fly On The Wall

As a Montessori teacher in the classroom, you often hear conversations between children.  Sometimes they are about the latest movie they have seen or about something they will be doing with their families.  Other times, you hear things that melt your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

In the mornings before school begins, we are fortunate to spend our time with a handful of children who arrive early. They are the 'early birds'.  With graduation day coming quickly, I overheard this conversation between M. and J.  M. is one of this year's graduates and J. will graduate next year. They have spent two years together at our little yellow school and are the best of friends.  J., M. and M.'s little brother C. are inseparable. 

From left to right - J. Little C. and M.

M.:   You know, after the graduation I won't be here
          anymore.   I'm going to grade one, but you will still be

J.:     Yes. (nodding)

M.:    Will you look after my brother?

J.:      Yes.

At that point, M., J. and little C. all hug. 

From left to right on Pajama Day - M. J. and C.

It was extremely touching.  This very much reflects the person that M. is.  At school, he is always looking out for his little brother and his classmates.  Although C. is a little sad that his brother is going to grade one, he is so happy that J. will be his 'big brother at school' in September.

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