Thursday, 2 June 2016

Spring ~ The Earth Awakens

The warm weather has finally arrived and the children were so thrilled!  The beautiful sun, shade and soft grass of our soccer field was calling to us.  It was time to step into spring!

We couldn't resist taking off our shoes to feel the soft, warm grass beneath our feet.

The grass feels good!

Twinkle Toes

Hula Hooping was great exercise!

L. - Our Hula Hoop Expert

A Hula Hoop Relay

All around us, the Earth was awakening after a long winter sleep. While we were enjoying our soccer field, other creatures were too.  We found a caterpillar crawling on one of our trees.

Walks on our half acre property revealed many plants coming back to life.   The fragrant little bells of the lily of the valley were popping up.

Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley

The full day children found wild daisies growing all around the property.  We picked some for a bouquet.  Each child was able to take a daisy home.

A Bouquet of Wild Daisies

The Wild Daisies

The Children With The Daisies

E. with her daisy.

If you look very carefully, you will find little clusters of these plants growing on the property.  Can you guess what they are? Wild strawberries!

Wild Strawberries

 As our property is visited by many creatures, they usually eat the berries before we notice that they are ripe.  We did manage to find a few.

Wild Strawberries and a Cultivated Strawberry

We compared the size of the wild strawberries to strawberries purchased at the store.  Wild strawberries are so tiny!



 We are so glad that spring is finally here!

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